“Isaza estupenda en lo vocal (…), de impecable gusto, y gran expresividad. (…)”

Inside the

Mariana, with her voice that emerges from the depths of her being in the form of melodies, transcends borders and ventures into uncharted territories, captivating through sound and word. Her purpose: to astound and fascinate, much like a child in constant wonder…

"I am a lyrical soprano, the voice is my instrument and my pure essence, made of sensitivity and duality."

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Discovering the Soprano

Boasting an artistic career spanning over 15 years, Mariana has earned the esteemed title of Cultural Ambassador of Colombia, captivating audiences worldwide with her mastery of the lyrical singing. While opera remains her true forte, it is but one facet of her multifaceted talent…

Fluid Voice, Powerful Impact

As an artist, Mariana stands out for the subtle yet explosive, dedicated, powerful, and
energetic nature of her performances, as well as her fluid and captivating acting and  interpretive abilities. Her candid, extensive, mysterious, powerful, and brilliant voice
reflects her Latin roots, which in turn enrich the versatility of the type of show she offers to the audience.

A Journey towards sophistication

"Music is the universal language of human beings; it radiates life, delight, and beauty to the ears of those who listen, from and with the heart."

On stage